Top 3 Trending Printers

Top 3 Trending Printers

From inkjets to thermal printers, finding the optimal printer can be a tedious task, especially, given the variety that’s available in the market today. With integrations like Bluetooth and WiFi, printers are nothing less than smart IoT devices. If you own a business or a startup, receipt and label printers are a necessity – however, choosing the best one can be a bit of a struggle.



Following are some of the best printers available in the market right now:

  1. MUNBYN 108mm USB Thermal Label Printer White ITPP941

Where it can be used

Used by some of the major shipping companies including Amazon, FedEx, Shopify and eBay, the MUNBYN 108mm USB Thermal Printer definitely ranks higher than its market competitors. The printer is best suited for shipping services or manufacturing plants that involve transfer of products from one area to another, particularly DHL or USPS. It can also be used as a barcode printer, printing smudge free barcodes that can be scanned and used anywhere. You can easily print labels according to your requirements in no time!

Intro and advantages

Designed specifically for the given purpose, it operates like a normal printer except that it can create customized shipping labels directly from any given application. Further, it’s relatively faster and also cost effective.

The printer has a one-click installation procedure that makes it extremely easy to use and also comes with an automated pausing option that stops the process for five minutes after printing 700 pages, to prevent the machine from bearing any damage. 



  • The printer is cost and time effective. It can work with windows and Mac system and doesn’t need any additional support applications. It’s also faster – with a speed of 150mm/s. With this model, not only will you save money but also your precious time!
  • It comes with Automatic Label Identification, automatically detecting the label inserted and feeding it into its system. It can print labels with a width ranging from 1.57” to 4.1”, making it suitable for shipping and warehouse labels.
  • It comes with 3 plug options: US Plug (USA/MEX/CAN/JPN), UK Plug (UK/IRL/MES/MLT/SIN) and EU Plug (Europe/RUS)
  • It can be used with thermal labels of any size
  • It is user friendly and extremely easy to set up – in just a few clicks, your device is ready to go!
  • Lastly, the printer supports a range of thermal direct labels, including warehouse labels, shipping labels, address labels, food nutrition labels, Amazon FBA labels and UPS etc.

Where to buy

The printer can be bought from MUNBYN’s official website for $212. However, currently it’s available on sale for $159.98! Once ordered, it will arrive at your doorstep within 3-15 days, depending on the type of shipping you select. It’s also available on Amazon and can be paid for by PayPal or other visa or master cards.


  1. MUNBYN 80mm Direct Thermal Printer with USB Serial Ethernet Bluetooth White ITPP047

Where to use

Featuring an auto cutter, USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the MUNBYN ITPP047USEB is another remarkable printer that can be used for printing receipts. Whether you’re a shop owner or have a business, this printer is perfect for you. It is especially handy if you work in a supermarket, retail shop, clothing store, restaurant, parking lot, gas station or a mall. It can also be used to print instant parking tickets!


Intro & advantages

Packed with an array of unique specifications, it offers a relatively fast printing speed of 260mm/sec, making it rank higher than its market competitors in that aspect. The printer also features a DIP switch, located on the bottom, for controlling the volume, along with an option to add your own personalized logo to every receipt, from the ‘Settings Tool’.

This receipt printer model is extremely easy to set up and install, even for people who are not well versed in technical terminology. Just follow the 7 steps given in the user manual and you’re good to go.

Furthermore, the printer supports Bluetooth 4.0 and can be operated with any compatible device. It can also be connected via a LAN cable, given that you preset an IP address. So print out your professional receipts with no hassle at all!  



  • Compatible with Mac, Android and Windows
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and hence, doesn’t need the user to be in close proximity to the device
  • Fast printing speed of 260 mm/sec
  • Cost effective since it eliminates the need for ribbon and ink
  • Contains a very helpful user manual which can aid in setting up and installation of the device - in just 7 steps
  • Allows you to add a customizable logo to print professional receipts
  • Features an auto cutter with over 1.5 million cuts
  • Compatible with most popular POS software
  • Support UK, US and EU Plugs

Where to buy

MUNBYN ITPP047USEB is available for sale on the company’s website for $184. However, it is currently up for $153.55 due to an ongoing sale. You can pay via PayPal or any other credit card.


  1. MUNBYN 80mm Thermal Receipt Kitchen Printer for Restaurant ITPP067

Where to use

Designed specifically for restaurants, coffee stores and fast food outlets, the MUNBYN ITPP067 kitchen printer comes with three interfaces to cater to the public demand – USB, Serial and LAN. It is especially suited for use in hotels, restaurants and small eateries where you can easily punch in the order and instantly print a receipt.

Intro and Advantages

Featuring a dust cover design, built-in loudspeaker, LED sound and light alarm, the kitchen printer is one of the best models currently available in the market.

With an extremely easy installation process, the order printer also features USB communication and “pre-extended” LED lights in case of an error or a scheduled reminder. Further, it follows an automatic printing, without the need of monitoring or timely reminders. The printer is also relatively portable with a trough to easily attach it to a support wall.



  • Fast printing speed of 300mm/sec
  • Portable
  • Easy installation
  • LED and sound alarms for reminders and errors
  • Supports Windows system
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost effective as it does not require ink or ribbons
  • Water, dust and oil proof
  • Durable
  • Supports USB, Serial and LAN
  • Features an auto cutter
  • Operable in 68 international languages
  • Extremely easy to clean with the removable protective cover
  • Sound and Light indicator as an order reminder
  • DIP switches to change setting such as cutter, languages, beeper and print density baud rate etc.
  • 3 Plug options – US, UK, EU
  • Print command is ESC/POS Support APP – Loyverse, iREAP and Kyte

Where to buy

This model can be bought off the MUNBYN website for $162.00 but is currently on sale for $134.99 only. It can be shipped within 3-15 days of placing an order normally.

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