Resolution: 203DPI, 8 dots/mm
Meets your daily printing needs.

MUNBYN P130 compact thermal printer is a cost-effective solution for small businesses.
Offering excellent value for money, MUNBYN delivers a cost-effective and convenient solution with this printer.
MUNBYN P130 thermal label printer offers a good value for money with its 203 DPI print head and 150mm/s print speed.
MUNBYN P130 thermal printer is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to streamline their printing processes without compromising on quality.
MUNBYN P130 label printer can handle various print widths from 1.57 inch to 4.3 inches.
5.jpg__PID:607aa749-5409-4141-ab8c-e1906212e4ee6.jpg__PID:7aa74954-09f1-412b-8ce1-906212e4ee30MUNBYN promotes energy conservation, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.USB-130-证书-移动端.jpg__PID:da395c89-1028-4de2-9a7a-f8016fd5df2f

One-click setup on Chrome Browse

One-click installation to print eliminates complex installation issues.


Instant Conversion from 8x11 to 4x6 Labels

Free Label Converter Software to print 8*11 label files in batches with 4*6 label paper.


Suitable for small business

Compatible with all major shipping and sales platforms labeling like Etsy, eBay, Poshmark, etc.


Support prints labels from 1.57" to 4.3" wide

· Intelligent detection of paper size to ensure correct printing· Auto-rewind to avoid paper waste


We support 24-month warranty.

FSC® Certified

Munbyn 4"x6" shipping labels obtain FSC environmental protection certification.

Appearance Patent

Unique product appearance design to show your personality.