Creative Packaging Ideas for Homemade Candles

Creative Packaging Ideas for Homemade Candles

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Besides being a trend, candles are a vital part of our everyday lives. Candles just have a way of lifting your mood and keeping you centered so that you can regain focus and stay in the present. That's why they are an intricate part of most occasions and couple up as a perfect gift to our loved ones.

Unfortunately, with the rising popularity of candles, many brands are dipping their toes into this business. Therefore, finding the best way to stand out in the marketplace is imperative. And it all starts with the kind of packaging you choose for your products. Remember, product packaging is part of your brand's image. It defines your product and influences customers' perceptions of your business.

Customized packaging exposes potential clients to your brand's personality. Consequently, this article will discuss the unique and creative packaging ideas for homemade candles that will elevate your brand and create a great first impression.

1. Custom-printed Candle Boxes

With many competitors in the market, it's crucial to have distinguishing features that make your products stand out and entice customers to purchase.

Custom-printed candle boxes come in handy as they allow you to imprint distinctive designs that align with your brand logo. That said, let's look at some popular types of candle boxes.


Creative Packaging Ideas for Homemade Candles


  • Crash Bottom Box

The crash bottom box is a reliable packaging box for candles. The flaps are glued together, ensuring your product doesn't accidentally slip off the box.

  • Sleeve Packaging

A sleeve packaging is open on both ends of the box. It easily slides over your product. In other cases, you can use the sleeve packaging over your customized candle box.

  • Lock Bottom Box

A lock bottom candle box is the strongest and most long-lasting candle box. It comes with bottom locking tabs that fit together tightly and securely. This kind of packaging is ideal for heavier candles.


2. Choose the Right Materials

The packaging says a lot about your brand. This factors into your brand image. Therefore, you must consider the materials you'd like to use to package your homemade candles. And while at it, remember that the materials should match your design requirements and candle type.

For instance, if you sell jar candles, you need a box with durable and sturdy materials; otherwise, you risk your product slipping and breaking. Let's explore some of the materials you can choose from.

  • Kraft Paperboard

Kraft paperboard is always an eco-friendlier option when choosing packaging materials. When you use kraft paperboard, you immediately communicate to your customers that your brand is committed to environmental sustainability.

Also, kraft paperboard has a slight texture that feels pleasant to touch. Besides that, kraft paperboard is ideal if you'd like to give your product packaging a vintage feel which keeps you ahead of your competition.

  • Metalized paperboard

Metalized paperboard is a fancy candle packaging material that instantly gives your product a premium feel. It comes with a fine silver film substrate that gives any candle box a metallic appearance without using hot foil stamping or dies. The best part about using the metalized paperboard is that you can choose to have the shiny effect cover the entire box or just parts.


3. Customized Labels

Custom candle boxes are one thing, but custom labels are just out of the ordinary. There's just something about it that elevates your products and feels luxurious. Having custom labels on your custom candle boxes is a lovely way to stand out in the market.

These labels can be personalized with information about your business, a catchphrase, or a special message. Various product labels serve different functions. Labels on product packaging can be used to describe your product and product information.

Customized labels on homemade candles can include the product name, shelf life, hazard information, and allergen information. To know what's required for any products you intend to produce, it's a good idea to understand the various product labels and their intended uses thoroughly. That said, let's explore the different types of customized product labels.


Creative Packaging Ideas for Homemade Candles


Types of Customized Candle Labels


  • White Labels

While labels are printed on white background film, it is easy to use any color to print.

  • Clear Labels

The clear labels are printed on a transparent background film. These kinds of labels give the invisible label illusion.

  • Metallic Labels

Metallic labels are printed on silver substrates that make all printed colors have a metallic finish.

  • Printed labels

Munbyn direct thermal label stickers are your best bet for short-to-medium-term labeling of your homemade candles. These Direct Thermal sticker labels can be customized with logos, addresses, pricing, barcodes, inventory, and product identification. They are also an excellent choice in terms of cost effectiveness and quality.


MUNBYN thermal paper


4. Packaging Information

The packaging of your homemade candles must be straightforward. Besides the colors, materials, and finishes you'd like to add to your package and labels, you also want to convince customers to buy your product.

That means you must have a clear message about the product and your brand. While having a catchy product and package design goes a long way, the information you put on the labels is equally essential.

What they read on the labels could be the difference between putting the product in their cart or back on the shelf. That said, let's explore some of the details you should include in your package and labels.


· Your Brand Name and Logo

A nicely done logo and brand name help inform your customers who made the product. Also, the brand logo helps them remember your product. Therefore, they can distinguish your homemade candles easily from your competitors.


· The Product Name

Both are excellent ideas, whether you give your candles a fancy name or just state the candle type in this section. They make it easy for potential and existing customers easily identify your product.


· The Type of Product

On your package, always make sure you mention the type of candle you sell. Is it beeswax, natural, scented, or gel candles? While some customers may prefer scented candles, others would like more natural candles. Providing this information on your package lets the customer easily choose the candle they'd like.


· Benefits of the Product

People are more likely to buy a product because of its benefits. That said, it's crucial to include your candles' benefits. Have that in this section if your candle can burn for 24 hours. Describe how it smells and the benefits of the oils infused in the candle in a blurb.


· Your Brand Story and Mission

Your brand's story informs customers about the people behind the product and what makes you unique. It also tells potential customers about your company and your brand's values and mission. It's vital to make your customers feel they are contributing to the well-being of the communities you support.


· Ingredients

The ingredients in your homemade candles are vital. That's because often, the choice of candle one chooses is determined by the ingredients. Consider a situation where a customer is looking for a toxins-free or environmentally friendly candle. In other cases, you may find customers who may be allergic to certain substances. For such reasons, it's crucial to have a comprehensive ingredient list.


· Hazard Warning

Candles, no matter how appealing they are, can pose a health and safety risk if not used properly. That's why it's essential to include warning labels and signs on your homemade candles. On top of that, you can also ensure you add instructions on appropriately burning the candle.


· Quantity

Some customers love to know the product's quantity. If you think that would be relevant for your homemade candles, make sure you add that information to your labels.



Let's face it, packaging your homemade candles plays a vital role. If your candles are poorly packaged, you won't be able to make sustainable sales. Packaging your products properly helps stand out from other ordinary candles and could drive growth. Utilize the packaging solutions discussed in this article to boost your sales, and you'll undoubtedly receive favorable returns.


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