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How to sell stickers on Etsy

How to Sell Stickers on Etsy

If you've been on the quest for a side hustle, you've seen people making good money selling stickers on Etsy and probably want a piece of the pie. While selling stickers on Etsy is a lucrative alternative income source, how do you get started? The custom sticker industry is growing, and many opportunities exist to make massive profits.  

All in all, it all comes down to how you set up your sticker business. So, if you want to learn how to sell stickers on Etsy but are unsure where to start, this article is in your best interest. This guide will discuss how to set up your sticker store on Etsy, pack and ship your stickers, and the means to grow your sticker business for maximum success.

Sell on Etsy


Why Sell Stickers on Etsy

As you set up your sticker-selling business, you need a website where you can sell stickers online. There are a couple of Print on Demand markets like Redbubble and Teespring. While these are certainly good options, there's a reason why Etsy stands out from the competition. That said, here are a couple of reasons why you should sell stickers on Etsy;

  • Etsy boasts of a large existing market. Etsy has become the go-to platform for anyone looking for stickers and unique artwork
  • Affordable listing fee.Esty charges only $0.20 for each item you list and an additional 5% fee. The good thing is that you can account for these costs as you set the price for your stickers
  • Complete control over your storefront.Etsy provides you with your storefront that you can customize as desired. You can curate your product descriptions, choose images and videos to add to your listings, and even offer discounts to returning buyers.
  • Hassle-free shipping with USPS courier service which makes shipping easy and pocket friendly than if you were selling the stickers independently.

Own Your Sticker Store on Etsy- Key Steps to Set Up Your Esty Store

If the sticker-selling business sounds like a market you'd like to tap into, you can create a sticker store on Etsy. Initially, it may sound a bit daunting, but the steps are easy and straightforward. Here are the basic steps you should follow; you can always customize things further later;

  • Choose a unique name for your Esty Store. Finding a creative and memorable name that immediately tells potential clients what your products are all about is crucial.
  • Select preferences for your store. Country of origin, language, and currency
  • Enter the store name you chose earlier
  • List at least one product to get started. You can create a mock-up listing if you don't have any products yet. Remember all listings will require details on the product title, description, image, price, size, available quantities, and shipping information.  
  • Set up the billing and payment information. These are the details Etsy will use to bill you for listing and transaction fees and pay you for sales fulfilled on the platform.

Package and Ship Your Stickers

How to sell on Etsy-2

Shipping is the most expensive part of your sticker shipping business. While you can just send the stickers in an envelope with a regular postage stamp, it's better to take a more professional stance. Here are a few things you might need;

1. Packaging materials

Since we are trying to package the stickers more professionally, the best option is to go with bubble or sturdy mailers. That ensures your orders are not damaged or scratched during shipping. You can take things a step further and get branded packaging materials for your business. Adding a logo to your packaging materials is a nice touch. You can print your brand logo on direct thermal printer labels and use them as brand labels on the package.

2. Inserts

Along with the stickers, you can include your business card in the packaging or a discount card to encourage repeat business. Also, you may consider adding a flyer that advertises your other products. People love freebies and will remember you for them the next time they need to shop.

3. Shipping labels

Shipping labels are the other crucial item you need when packing and shipping your stickers. While you can print your shipping labels on a regular printer, taking things a notch higher doesn't hurt.

print stickers with MUNBYN sticker label printer

You can order a thermal printer like the MUNBYN ITPP941 Thermal Printer that you can use to print your shipping labels and custom thermal stickers for branding. The best part is that the printer has a resolution of MUNBYN ITPP941 Themral Printer is 300DPI, which makes printing small labels clearer. Also, you can design a sticker with your logo and add it to your packages. This is a nice touch that will stand out to your customers.

Grow Your Etsy Sticker Business

An Etsy sticker business is pretty lucrative and definitely worth your time. If this sounds like a market you’d want to get into, here are a few tips you can use to grow your Etsy sticker business.

i. Get Product Reviews

product reviews on Etsy

Online reviews matters to customers. Typically, nobody wants to spend money or time on something that will result in a terrible experience. Simply put, customers use reviews as a way to gauge the quality of the product.

That said, potential shoppers trust reviews. Therefore, reviews are the most incredible way to boost conversion rates. To get your Etsy sticker business up and running, you’ll need to find intelligent ways to ask your customers to leave reviews after their purchases.

Upon purchasing on Etsy, buyers get a confirmation email which is the first point of contact. Even though they probably won’t leave a review before receiving the package, you can use this opportunity to send them an automated message reminding them to leave feedback on their experience with your product.

ii. Etsy SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO is an incredible tool on Etsy that you can use to market your sticker business. SEO helps sell your product on search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Unfortunately, there’s no promise that your shop will appear at the top of the page, but implementing SEO into your store will improve its ranking.

So what do you need to implement SEO into your sticker business? Start by searching for relevant keywords that you can incorporate into your product description. Additionally, you’ll need to check on your Etsy shop title. You can also check for inbound links to help increase your store’s visibility.

iii. Etsy ads

Etsy ads operate the same way as Google shopping; it allows you to promote your stickers on Etsy and Google, depending on how much you pay per click. Etsy now uses an algorithm to effectively determine how much you should pay per click to increase your revenue.

However, making money from Etsy Ads isn’t guaranteed. It will also take time to build a loyal audience and rise to your expected revenue. All in all, it’s an effective way to increase your traffic and potentially improve your profits. Setting it up is pretty straightforward. Go to your Etsy store and click on Shop manager, marketing, and finally advertising.

You can now set up your daily budget depending on how much you are willing to spend a day. The best part is that you can always change it in the future. Once it’s all said and done, click on start advertising, and your Etsy Ads campaign will begin.

iv. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent way to promote your product and increase your traffic. Promoting your sticker business on social media will increase brand awareness and foster loyalty among your potential clients. You can use various social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook: This platform has over 2.74 billion active users making it one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. All you have to do is set up a professional Facebook page and mount a solid marketing strategy on this platform, which should help you get started.
  • Instagram: Instagram is another powerful social media platform where you can showcase some of your best sticker arts. That will build curiosity in your potential clients, enough to check out your site and finally convert them to loyal customers.
  • YouTube: YouTube is fast evolving with features such as YouTube shorts, which is an excellent place to market your products. You can use this opportunity to increase engagement on your Etsy Shop.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest offers a platform where you can showcase some of your best works and engage with your prospective clients.

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