Three steps to teach you to print DIY stickers at home

  Stickers are the easiest home storage decoration items available. An unremarkable storage box,we can decorate it all with our thoughts. You can paste cute decorative stickers to make the whole object and the atmosphere look more active; you can print stickers and labels so that identify clearly to prevent confusion. If you have the habit of storing at home, stickers are exactly your best choice, not only to make your life look more vibrant, but also to make the interior of your refrigerator, kitchen, and study tidy.

   So how do we have the most suitable stickers at home? If it is all purchased, not all sticker designs are what we want, and the label text may not always include the name of the object we want. Therefore, this article teaches you to have a sticker that meets your home needs in all aspects--DIY.


Step 1: Paper selection

1 Label paper

  These are the simplest and cheapest forms of stickers. Labels are also suitable for personalizing name tags, making photo stickers, and many other ideas. Don't know what paper to buy? You can choose between pre-cut and non-cut. If you don't have a rigid requirement on the length of the label, you can choose non-cut.

2 waterproof and oilproof stickers

  Then you can choose the slippery MUNBYN label paper, which can be very waterproof and oilproof, and has a variety of colors to make your home organization more colorful.


Step 2: Printer selection

   If you only want to print small labels, then its printer should be small and convenient, easy to use, and able to use a variety of label papers, pre-cut and non-cut. Believe me, if it is connected wirelessly, it will bring more convenience to your printing. I believe that my next recommendation will be liked by girls because the bear appearance of this printer is really cute. Let's take a look at the MUNBYN bear label printer, which supports Bluetooth printing. It is as big as your mobile phone and only 160g. It can be carried with you. The most important thing is that you can also get 3 rolls of cute label paper.


  If you need to print larger waterproof stickers, you can prepare your favorite patterns on your computer in advance, connect a printer, and start printing. At this time, you can choose color printing or black and white printing according to your needs. If it is black and white printing, then you might as well choose the MUNBYN thermal printer, which can not only save the cost of buying toner but also has the advantages of small size, fast printing, and simple use. With MUNBYN color label paper, you will be able to customize your own stickers.


Step 3: How to print

   The bear label machine only needs to download "Print Master" and turn on the Bluetooth to connect, put in the label roll you want, enter the text you want, and click "print" to print your special label.

  For sticker printing, you only need to install your printer, connect it with a computer, put in the colorful sticker you want, and select the pattern. You can achieve multiple colors and shapes stickers by operating on the computer as a regular document Sticker printing!


  MUNBYN, is your little assistant for home storage. Simple, convenient and fast is your expectation, and it is also our pursuit.

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