4 ideas about how to set up your own efficient home office

  You will always have a moment to work from home, whether you are a company employee or a freelancer, telecommuting has become a bigger trend after the COVID-19. Maybe you will lie lazily on your home sofa, tapping on your laptop keyboard, dealing with large quantities of emails or work conversations. This working model is very comfortable and will be the most choice for people. But you must admit that this kind of office state does not keep your mind awake all the time. It is very likely that you will start squinting after a few hours. Setting up an efficient office area can make you more awake and clear-thinking. Maybe whether you are wearing pajamas or not, a specialized area suitable for you can improve your efficiency and make you less drowsy. If you still don't have a clue about setting up a home office, you may get some inspiration from here based on your needs.


About the desk

  Maybe many people even take up their ironwork area to work, in order to save space and cost, but an uneven and stable desktop will keep you in a panic because an unstable desk will keep you distracting your attention, worried that one day the coffee will be overturned on the laptop. The basic requirement of the desk you can choose is stable and the color simple desk. Sometimes, if the nature of your work determines that you need to get up and walk from time to time, or you are a person with a poor spine, you can consider a height-adjustable electric standing desk, which will provide you with extra exercise for working at home, kidding. Your desk is likely to be placed in front of a well-lit window, then you may be more suitable to choose light-colored furniture, wood color or white will make your office area look clean and focus attention.

  This is a more comfortable and daily inspiration for the office area. If you lead a larger team, the desk you need is a formal black desktop, and you need to keep jumping between different pages, the computer display screen area may be larger, also you have many files which means that your desk area will be larger than the conventional, about 1.5 times bigger.

  But sometimes you may not necessarily need a desk, if you like to use a stand, because it really does not take up too much space for you and is quick to pack can be put away at any time.


About office chairs

  For ordinary remote workers who work occasionally, the general chair configuration is sufficient. You can quickly decide whether you prefer a hard seat or a soft seat. If you also value appearance, then a velvet chair is your choice. However, when your job is more professional and you need to sit for a long time, trust me to invest in a good ergonomic office chair. After you sit for a long time, your back will thank you for this decision. Fitting your body will help you stay in high-efficiency work for a long time.


Desktop decoration and workplace

  Good green plants can not only decorate your office area but also become a weapon for purifying your air, which is a must for you. If you want to decorate your desktop with something else to please your mood, it depends entirely on your preferences and ideas! Maybe you would be willing to add some music to your work, or warm lights, the light fragrance will make you feel happier, you can buy scented candles, or choose flowers. In addition, you want a space that looks more artistic and neat. Simple wall art pictorial is something you can easily find on Etsy. For more efficient work, you can consider setting up a simple desktop on the balcony or placing the desktop near the natural light area of the balcony. This area is perfect for breathing fresh air and clearing up your thoughts. If you are working indoors, for you to work comfortably at night, a table lamp that can provide warm light can make you feel at ease.

  Your desktop may also place some working equipment. If there is a need for video conferencing, choose a compact and adjustable microphone or other radio equipment. Not only microphones, if you start home e-commerce and create an office area at home, but your equipment request to work in your limited area. Packing your orders in a small area is a test of your space utilization. Effectively use your wall space. Use perforated board storage racks and racks to easily place your scissors, tape, bubble paper, and other tools. The same printing equipment, label printers need to choose a compact and easy-to-place machine so that it can easily embed labels and print next to your computer.


  Although most of us have different home office areas, you can refer to the configuration that most people like:

  • Laptop or set up a second screen according to demand;
  • Standing desk, convenient for you to adjust your posture in office;
  • Natural lighting and fresh air;
  • Soothing music and warm lighting;
  • Decorate according to personal style;

  While having free working time, I hope you can create more efficient work in the home office!

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