Buying guide of choosing Bluetooth printer

A Buying Guide: Choosing Bluetooth Printers

Printers are great – but only if they can connect to your phone or tablet. Bluetooth printers make it much easier to print from your devices, so we've compiled this list of the best Bluetooth printers around.


Wireless Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer ITPP129


Bluetooth shipping label printer ITPP129



The ITPP129 is the best Bluetooth label printer for those who want to print labels on-the-go. This printer is one of the best selling models of its kind because it can connect to your mobile device within 10 meters and prints up to 72 labels per minute. It’s also small enough that you can place it directly on your office table or some other space where there is not much room available. The printer comes in black or pink color options, so you can choose whichever one fits your office’s aesthetics better.

This model uses thermal transfer printing technology which means that no ink or toner is needed—a major advantage over laser printers! This makes the ITPP129 an affordable option for both home use as well as small businesses because they don't have to worry about replacing expensive cartridges every month/year like traditional printers do - saving you money over time!


Penguin Mini Thermal Label Printer IMP032B



Bluetooth penguin portable label maker



If you’re looking for a printer that can print labels in any size and color, this is the product for you. This label printer is suitable for designers, planners, home decorators, and anyone who wants to organize their belongings. It prints labels up to 12*22mm-15*50mm in size with iOS or Android devices by using their free apps.

The mini label printer is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around. The labels are waterproof and tearproof, which makes them suitable for outdoor use.


Bluetooth 4.0 POS Printer P047


Bluetooth receipt thermal printer



The P047 is a Bluetooth receipt printer that is suitable for the office, retail stores and supermarkets. It prints at 48 pages per minute (300mm/s) which means you can get your receipts faster than ever before! This printer also comes with a built-in thermal receipt paper roll to ensure that you don’t need an inkjet or laser printer to print your receipts.

This handy little device is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac and Linux systems along with ChromeOS systems & Cash Drawer so if you’re looking for something that works seamlessly across all of these platforms then this might just be the one for you! In addition to being Energy Star certified which means it saves at least 30% on electricity bills compared to non-Energy Star printers - no ink needed.



I hope this article has helped you understand what wireless printers are and which ones work best for your needs. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!


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