How multi-size labels can benefit your home business--for businesswomen

How multi-size labels can benefit your home business--for businesswomen

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Working at home has become a major trend in the world. If you don’t believe me, go and see if the global pants sales have dropped a lot! I guess even if you don’t check it, you will feel this reality firsthand. The laughter of neighbors around you during workdays is also louder, because people have new ways of working and spending time with their families, also the role of women is not only to accompany their families. In recent years, more female entrepreneurs have gradually emerged. According to the survey, the number of self-employed women engaged in online retailing increased by 28% from 2010 to 2015. In order to better balance the family and career, and have the flexibility to freely control the family travel gathering time and working time, e-commerce is more choice for female entrepreneurs.


The indispensable equipment for e-commerce or planning of e-commerce is the packaging equipment. The shipping label printing will also become the most indispensable part of the logistics process. Although the shipping label printing is nice, but if you want to print other Labels, you will have a headache, I mean when you don’t need the whole piece of paper. Therefore, supporting multi-size of label will bring more flexible and convenient options to your life and work. If you still don’t know how to print, please check here. As far as packaging is concerned, the labels you may still use are address labels, shipping labels and DIY stickers. In your daily time, labels will also bring convenience and happiness to your life.

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Work scene

Adding address labels or other types of marks to your package is not a necessary option, but you can create more details for your package. When you have too many packages and check the shipping labels one by one, too much messy information is piled up, which may make messy about some information. The generation of some return labels requires address information. At this time, you can use a smaller size of label paper to print the information you need, such as addresses, FBA labels, and so on. In addition, postage printing, for example, stamps can also be realized by a printer, saving you the expense of buying stamps.

  Adding various stickers to the package will also make it more extraordinary. During the transportation, the logistics staff can see the "please handle with care" you put on the package, you guess they will start to smile and gently place your package? Your customers can see the shop logo on the surface of the package the first time they receive the goods, and they will have a deeper impression of your shop. In addition, something there may be placed inside the package: Thankyou mail and your social media or after-sales contact QR code. Although these are not necessary options for you, they can add points to your store services and get your customers closer to you.

Life scene

You can't just work, your life management is the essential driving force for you to face everything positively. Your family will provide you with the strongest protection shield and arms when you are in difficulty. So you will get time with your family in a free career like e-commerce. You are able to manage and live your life, so you are willing to take care of some details for your family; when your child goes to school, carefully organize his schoolbags and stationery, iron your husband’s shirt for work tomorrow, clean up your room and organize your kitchen. After they finish their work and study, prepare a rich dinner for them.

  Marking and planning will make your love work better. When your children’s schoolbags are affixed to George’s schoolbag, Frank’s Stationery box or Maria’s math books, these can help teachers identify their schoolbags and stationery. Canned food and baking in the kitchen are easy to expire. If you don't want your family to eat bad food by mistake, labling the expiration time on the surface of the can or bread is your careful performance as a mother. Your husband can't find his socks frequently, so after storing and sorting various items, you can put small labels on different items, and your husband will never ask where his socks are.

print stickers and labels using thermal label printer


A family trip or a party you organize requires a lot of things to be prepared in advance. At this time, you will make a list of your purchases. You may use whiteboards or sticky notes, etc. These are all good, but when you need buy a lot of things, Handwritten notes can become confusing and unrecognizable. Making small labels will bring convenience and fun to this process. Each label is clearly separated, which will make your thoughts clear.


Multi-size label printing machine will give you more flexible choices and offer more convenience. Just like you choose e-commerce, more time to spend with your family, better work plan and income, this will be your simple happiness in your life.


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