10 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Business 2023(Easy and Low-budget)

10 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Small Business 2023(Easy and Low-budget)

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The spooky and fun holiday is approaching. For kids, it’s the time when they can be anyone. If you have an online business, it’s also the time to start getting ready for your Halloween deals. We’ve crafted ten easy, low-budget ideas that you can quickly use for your online business.


Partnering with the right businesses

One cool idea is to team up with other businesses to attract more customers. Before you reach out to any partner, it's important to pick a partner that matches well with you. They shouldn't be doing exactly what you're doing, but their business should be complementary to yours.

Imagine you run an online bakery making treats for pets. You could work together with a shop that sells things for pets. If you provide online exercise classes, the people who like your classes probably care about being healthy, which includes what they eat. They're probably interested in good food. Partnering with a business that offers healthy food options, like a local organic grocery store, could be a great match.


Limited Products, Big Discounts

You might already be thinking about this—offering Halloween-themed products. It's like adding a touch of festiveness to your regular stuff. One cool idea is to have just a limited bunch of them. Don't forget to post about this on your social media and give a clear discount so it gets customers excited to order.


Create content to engage your audience

Making content about Halloween is a smart move! You can create videos or write blog posts all about Halloween stuff. This helps you get more people interested in what you do. For instance, you could put together a tutorial post on crafting your own Halloween bottle labels, perfect for those in your audience who have a knack for DIY projects. If you're running a pet-oriented business, consider writing about the art of creating homemade Halloween costumes tailored for pets.

Here's a tip: start writing blog posts at least two months before Halloween. It usually takes five days or even up to eight weeks for a page to be indexed. If you post content early, they'll have time to pop up on the internet and get more organic traffic. When you make these early, people can find them while they're looking for Halloween ideas.


DIY Halloween labels for your packages

You could also consider adding a spooky touch to our packages this Halloween. As a small business owner, you might already include thank-you stickers with the packages. Why not craft some Halloween labels? You could also design a Halloween-themed business card to include in your package. Encourage your customers to snap a photo of their package, share it on social media, and tag you. By doing so, offer them some reward points that they can later redeem for their next order. DIY Halloween labels don't have to be complicated; you can simply print them on our thermal labels, peel them off, and stick them – it's just a breeze.



Try a social media giveaway

Want more people to know about your business and keep your current customers excited? Try having a giveaway on social media! Just use a really interesting picture that shows your best product. And don't forget, keep the giveaway simple (maybe just three steps, or they might lose interest). If your customers use email or vist your website a lot, you can do the same giveaway there too.


Level up engagement with fun online contests

An online contest is a super fun way to get people interested and involved. Here's the idea: ask people to join your email list, and as a thank-you, give them a gift card.  Choose a few lucky winners to win an awesome prize. They get a little treat just for signing up, and, even an extra prize if they’re lucky. This keeps your audience interested, and helps your email list to grow for staying in touch in the future.


Theluxxeoutique Halloween Campaign

source: Theluxxeboutique


Treat your loyal subscribers to exclusive discounts

Always offer something sweet to your loyal email subscribers by giving them a special discount as a thank you for supporting your business. Make sure that these discounts outshine anything presented on your website or social media platforms. To ensure that your loyal customers don’t miss out on the fun, you can send them two to three emails leading up to Halloween. The first email can be sent a week before, giving them a heads-up about the upcoming sweet deal. Then, three days before Halloween, send another email with a countdown to build excitement. Finally, on the day before Halloween, send a last email with a reminder about the amazing discount they can grab. This approach was tested by us and worked like magic, bringing in more sales compared to previous years.

Tips: Create an eye-catching design for your email and add a bit of festive icon to your subject line.


Run a Halloween flash sale

Host a Halloween Flash Sale to clear out any excess inventory you might have. This is your opportunity to have a sale where you give customers a great deal. You could give a special discount to encourage people to make purchases. Another idea is to offer a free gift along with a certain amount of their order. As a bonus, you could provide them with a free shipping code, which they can use. This is especially valuable as Black Friday is coming up soon.


Create a captivating Halloween landing page

Get your online store in the Halloween spirit by creating a special Halloween-themed web page. Design a spooky background that suits the holiday, and showcase your top Halloween products with great pictures, and use Halloween colors like orange and black. Highlight any special Halloween deals in eye-catching boxes, and consider making a popup page that offers discounts to people who sign up with their email. Remember to make everything work well on both big computer screens and small phone screens.

MUNBYN 2022 Halloween landing page


Collaborate with Influencers and content creators

Another way to promote your Halloween sale is by connecting with influencers or content creators. Influencers usually ask for payment depending on how many followers they have. Content creators might cooperate to make valuable content for their audience. They might take your product instead of payment or charge you based on time or words. While creators might not have a lot of followers, the content they make could be used in your advertisements. On the other hand, influencers can quickly make more people aware of your brand. So, using both influencers and content creators can really help boost your business during the holiday season.

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