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How to create your brand awareness with sticker design--There is a way

How to create your brand awareness with sticker design--There is a way

If you run your online business and have continued for a while, then I suppose you will start to consider building your brand. After all, only through sales feedback data and non-establishing user consensus, then your sales data will be in a state of change, long-term and stable brand content intake and unification of brand image will give people who are not familiar with your brand an initial impression. Just as you require to think about a name for your store, you also need to spend a certain amount of thought on your brand design, slowly stepping into the right track and forming brand power, it is a battle that everyone gains online business is willing to make hard work. Maybe you will worry about the cost and promotion expenses. But starting today, make use of your creativity to become more valuable. Maybe you don’t need to spend too much. Starting from the small things like designing a brand logo, the design can be promoted through social media, but your social media traffic is uncertain and unintuitive. The most obvious effective publicity is to make your customers be aware of your business more vividly through printed cards or stickers.


Have you ever considered that you can get more national following through custom stickers? This is a wonderful opportunity for e-commerce. When a customer orders a product, it is already an investment, so adding a product tag is a natural action they are likely to do after viewing the package. Imagine that your product logo stickers randomly appear on their skateboards, water bottles, or mobile phone cases. What better advertisement than this? Showing the pattern design through stickers is like your inspiration freely display on the white paper. Maybe you are free, but you will inevitably find your direction. Munbyn has some inspiration while designing some brand logos or promotional stickers. Are you interested in these marketing inspirations? Then follow me to start your mind.


Brand logo aesthetic design

You can choose to copy the simplest standard brand logo image or e-commerce store image on the design website and print it directly. This method is more formal and standard, and it can really leave people with a certain brand impression, while the lack of fun and aesthetics may not increase your user engagement. An artistic sticker will make people more willing to paste it into daily tools. So add artistic elements to your package stickers. The elegant design will make the action easier. If you are a girl, you must be able to understand the impact of the fashionable packaging of the goods on your purchase. You can try to make a large number of stickers of the same element on a regular basis, and announce to the buyers know that you are always creating new things so that people will unconsciously look forward to your next stage of surprises. As a normal form of brand promotion, you can also design scan-me stickers with QR codes to win your customers to participate in scanning codes with a fun design.

print stickers for branding


Holiday stickers

It is precise because of the festival that people’s day becomes different. People will do a lot of shopping at Christmas to decorate their families to welcome the new year, play ghosts on Halloween, and pray for safety, on every memorable day. Here, people will shop with a sense of ritual, which is also an opportunity for e-commerce. Holiday stickers make your package extraordinary. When people are happy to receive the package, be delighted in your sticker design, for it is in line with the festive atmosphere and attention. According to different festivals, you can randomly switch your thoughts and creativity, so that your creativity can actually move your customers. Stickers are your special choice.


MUNBYN Halloween stickers

Coupon sticker

Maybe not only during the holiday season, but you will also launch your promotional plan before the holiday or on special days. For example, we will choose to provide discounts to students during the start of school. At this time, the warm-up and marketing of the event can directly affect your sales. How can you announce this coupon to your audience? Social media and the homepage setting of your website are a direction, under the effect of the brand logo sticker you designed in the early stage, People was aware of your website and scan the QR code to follow your social platforms will make your event warm-up more smoothly, nevertheless, you can also design coupon stickers to let people who didn't follow your website information to know the discount, As long as he unpacks the package.

print stickers using MUNBYN pink thermal label printer


To complete your design, you must first set up two things: Website for design,Canva will provide answers to your design. Unlike the complex operations of PS, Canva has many templates. It is enough just for designing your stickers, which will give you a lot of inspiration and convenience; then invest in a MUNBYN label printer, visually show these inspirations to show your brand, a machine is enough. The investment will be rewarding. Maybe the brand income you get through wisdom in the future will become a large return on your simple investment. Realize your inspiration and achieve brand awareness in a more customer-friendly way. Maybe you only need to start with sticker design.

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