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Can't Scan The Barcode ?

Aug 27, 2019 Yuan Mark

Barcode Scanners can't scan barcodes. If you encounter this situation, you should first understand that barcodes can be scanned but not uploaded, or lasers can be output, but barcodes are not scanned.

How To Buy A Good PDA For Business

Aug 23, 2019 Yuan Mark

Different industries have different requirements for industrial-grade PDA performance and application fields, and users can choose according to their own needs. The following introduces the 12 major standards for selecting industrial-grade PDAs.

The Difference Between Commercial And Industrial Barcode Scanner

Aug 23, 2019 Yuan Mark

Bluetooth Scanner, an unfamiliar electronic scanning device, is a common scanner in the supermarket. And it’s classification can be divided into commercial scanners and industrial scanners. How do we distinguish them as first-time purchasers? Here are three different points from Munbyn to understand the difference!

Factors affecting barcode scanners that do not recognize barcodes

Aug 13, 2019 Yuan Mark

The barcode is divided into five levels: A, B, C, D, E, and F. Among them, the A-level mark is the highest quality, the F-level is the lowest. Generally, the barcode scanner is more difficult to read. What is the reason that the bar code scanner can't read the bar code? The main factors for you are as follows:

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