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The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Packaging: Tips, Materials, and Equipment

The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Packaging: Tips, Materials, and Equipment

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Packaging is a vital part of any business, and can often make or break a customer's perception of the brand. Effective packaging can make a lasting impression and influence a customer's decision to purchase, while poor packaging can turn customers away. In this article, we'll explore the importance of packaging for Etsy sellers, and provide tips on packaging materials and strategies that can help businesses stand out in a crowded market.

So, whether you're just starting out or looking to revamp your packaging, keep reading for valuable tips and insights.



8 Etsy Packaging Ideas You Should Try


Why Packaging Matters for Your Business

  • First Impressions: Packaging is often the first thing customers see when they receive their order. As such, it's essential to make a good first impression by using attractive and high-quality packing materials. A visually appealing package can help build excitement and anticipation for the product and can even lead to repeat purchases.
  • Brand Image: Packaging is a powerful branding tool that can help establish the business's identity and values. The right packaging can help differentiate the brand from its competitors, communicate the brand's message, and create a memorable customer experience.
  • Customer Loyalty: Effective packaging can enhance the customer's overall experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. A well-packaged product shows that the business cares about its customers and their experience.
  • Protection and Safety: Packaging is essential for protecting the product during transit and ensuring that it arrives safely to the customer. Using high-quality materials and appropriate packaging techniques can help reduce the risk of damage or loss during shipping, which can impact the business's reputation and bottom line.
  • Sustainability: In addition to its functional and aesthetic benefits, packaging can also impact the business's sustainability efforts. Using eco-friendly and sustainable materials can help reduce the business's environmental impact, which can appeal to environmentally conscious customers and create a positive brand image.


Choosing Packaging Materials


Resealable Mylar Storage Bags

Resealable Mylar storage bags are a type of plastic bag made from a combination of polyester film and aluminum foil. The resealable bag is a very suitable choice for foods that cannot be damp, snacks, or spices. People can extract a small amount of material from it and seal it for the next use.


Use resealable mylar storage bags for your Etsy packages.


To use Mylar bags effectively, it's important to follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Right Size: Choose a bag that fits your product perfectly - not too tight, not too loose. This ensures the product is not squished and can be easily removed from the bag without damage. This ensures the product is not squished and can be easily removed from the bag without damage.
  2. Fill the Bag: Fill the bag with the product, ensuring that you don't overfill the bag, as this can cause it to burst or not seal properly.
  3. Remove Air: Before sealing, gently press down on the bag to remove as much air as possible. It's recommended to use a vacuum sealer or hand pump for best results, as it will remove all the air in the bag, which will prolong the product's shelf life.
  4. Seal the Bag: Once the air is removed, fold over the top of the bag a few times, making sure it is flat and even. Then, use a heat sealer to seal the bag shut. If you don't have a heat sealer, you can use a regular iron, but be careful not to melt the bag. 
  5. Store the Bag: Once sealed, store the bag in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This will help to preserve the product's freshness and quality.


Drawstring Organza Bags

Drawstring Organza bags are small, sheer, and elegant bags that are commonly used for gift wrapping, wedding favors, jewelry storage, and more. They are typically made from lightweight, transparent, and breathable fabrics such as organza, chiffon, or silk. Drawstring Organza bags are popular for their aesthetic appeal, versatility, and ease of use, which is a popular packaging for small business.



To use Drawstring Organza bags effectively, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the Right Size: Select the right bag size that can fit your product comfortably without being too small or too large.
  2. Fill the Bag: Place the item inside the bag, making sure it is centered and not too close to the edges, as this may affect the look of the bag.
  3. Close the Bag: Pull the two strings on either side of the bag to close it securely. If you're having trouble tying the knot, use a small twist tie to secure the strings, or trim the excess string with scissors.
  4. Personalize the Bag: You can add a personalized touch to your Drawstring Organza bags by attaching a tag or label to the string, or by adding decorative accents such as ribbon or stickers. 
  5. Store the Bag: Once the bag is tied and personalized, store it in a safe and dry place. If you're using Drawstring Organza bags for products that need extra protection, consider placing them inside a more substantial package, such as a bubble mailer.


 Bubble Mailer

A Bubble Mailer is a type of shipping envelope that is padded with bubble wrap to provide extra protection for products during shipping. Bubble Mailers come in various sizes and materials, but they all share the same purpose of keeping products safe from damage during transit. They are commonly used to ship small and fragile items such as jewelry, electronics, and cosmetics.

To use Bubble Mailers effectively, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the Right Size: Choose a mailer that is the right size for your product. The mailer should be snug enough to prevent the product from moving around inside, but not too tight that it damages the product or the mailer. 
  2. Insert the Product: Carefully place the product inside the mailer, making sure that it is not too close to the edges. If the product is fragile, consider wrapping it in additional protective material such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  3. Seal the Mailer: Once the product is inside the mailer, seal it with the adhesive strip or by using a heat sealer. Make sure the seal is secure to prevent the mailer from opening during transit.
  4. Add Labels: Attach the necessary labels to the mailer, including the shipping address, return address, and any other required labels. Ensure that the labels are legible and the address is correct.
  5. Choose the Right Shipping Method: Choose a reliable shipping method that suits your needs and budget. Consider using a tracked or insured service for high-value items or products that are prone to damage.


Adding Your Personal Touch to Packaging

 After you put the goods in the packaging bag or box, the next step is for you to customize your own packaging. Here are some small business packaging ideas:

· Design custom sticker labels with your logo, brand colors, or other designs to add a unique touch to your packaging.

· Use a different sticker label for each product or product line to make it easy for customers to identify what's inside.

· Choose environmentally friendly or biodegradable sticker labels to show your commitment to sustainability.



· Use honeycomb paper as an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap or other plastic packaging materials.

· Choose honeycomb paper in different colors to match your brand or product packaging.

· Use honeycomb paper as a decorative element to create a unique and eye-catching unboxing experience for your customers.


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  • Freebies

· Include a small freebie or sample with each order to surprise and delight your customers.

· Choose freebies that align with your brand or products to make a lasting impression.

· Use freebies to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty.


  • Shredded Paper

· Use shredded paper as a filler material to keep your products secure during shipping.

· Choose shredded paper in different colors to match your brand or product packaging.

· Use shredded paper as a decorative element to create a unique and eye-catching unboxing experience for your customers.



By using these tips to customize your packaging, you can create a unique and memorable unboxing experience for your customers while also protecting your products during shipping.  



Equipment for Easier Shipping


When it comes to shipping products, there are a few shipping supplies that can help make the process more efficient and professional. Here's what you need to know about each:


1. Thermal Label Printer

· A thermal label printer is a specialized printer that can create high-quality labels that are durable and long-lasting.

· With a thermal printer, you can quickly and easily print shipping labels, packing slips, and other shipping-related documents without the need for messy ink or toner cartridges.

· A thermal printer can also save you time and money, since you won't need to spend time printing labels at a local print shop or buying expensive pre-printed labels.


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A smart investment for Etsy Sellers: The Munbyn Bluetooth Label Printer


2. Shipping Scale:

· A shipping scale is an essential tool for accurately weighing packages before they are shipped.

· A scale can help you ensure that you are charging the correct shipping fees based on the weight of the package, which can save you money and prevent customer complaints.

· With a shipping scale, you can also ensure that you are complying with shipping regulations and restrictions for weight and size limits.

· By accurately weighing your packages, you can also avoid the inconvenience and expense of having packages returned due to incorrect postage.


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MUNBYN postage scale is calculating the weight of small Etsy parcels.


3. Label Holder:

A label holder is a device used to hold and organize labels for printing. By keeping fanfold and roll labels in place, label holders can help to protect them from damage, prevent them from becoming tangled or unrolled, and ensure that they are in the correct position for printing.

It can help to improve productivity and create a more efficient work environment.


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Save desk space by using the MUNBYN label holder to hold stickers and labels.


By choosing the right packaging materials, adding personalized touches, and investing in the right equipment, you can create a unique and memorable unboxing experience that sets your Etsy business apart.  With these tips and tricks, you can elevate your Etsy business and set yourself up for success.



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