Holiday marketing ideas for eCommerce.

9 Successful Holiday Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

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The holiday season is not only the busiest time of the year for most eCommerce businesses but also the most unpredictable time in terms of customer behavior. That’s why it’s vital for eCommerce business owners to revamp their holiday marketing campaigns to manage their revenue during the holiday season.

According to a report by the National Retails Federation, November and December are the most lucrative times of the year for business owners. Holiday sales alone can make up to 40% of the annual customer transactions for small and mid-sized businesses. That means the holiday season is the ideal time to attract new customers, make massive sales and build customer relations that you can carry on to the new year.

With Black Friday and Small Business Saturday fast approaching, customers are about to start shopping for the holiday season. In no time, we will have Cyber Monday, and then boom! Christmas. So, begin formulating a promotional plan as early as now to strike big and shine throughout the holiday season.


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How to Create a Great Holiday Marketing Campaign Strategy


A team is making a marketing plan for eCommerce.


1. Understand Your Audience and Create a Strategy that Fits Them

You must first know your audience to create a great holiday campaign strategy. Identify the audience you’re targeting online and collect detailed information about them. Understanding your audience and gaining deep insights helps you make an informed marketing strategy for holiday promotional opportunities.


2. Plan Ahead of Time

Life will throw a couple of curveballs at you. But the good thing is that you can still learn from past failures and successes. Looking back at statistics from previous years can help you understand strategies that worked and those that could use some improvement.

That enables you to be prepared for the upcoming season and avoid repeating past mistakes. Creating a schedule to review your previous holiday marketing campaign will help you solicit the information required to define a better holiday marketing strategy.


3. Explore New Marketing Tactics

During the holiday season, competition is always pretty high in the industry. Therefore, you can’t just rely on one marketing tactic to stand out in your niche. It would help if you explored new marketing tactics to increase your potential customer reach.

That also showcases your brand’s creativity and authenticity to your target audience. While usually, you might have only two core marketing strategies that work for your brand, you can leverage the holiday season and try out new marketing avenues.


4. Set up Clear Goals and Metrics

After a comprehensive audit of your previous marketing campaign, set realistic goals and metrics for the upcoming holiday season. That way, you will be in a better position to create customer-focused goals and, at the same time, accumulate as many sales as possible from the holiday season shoppers.


Holiday Marketing Ideas for a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign


On Black Friday, shopping at one clothing store can save you up to 50%.


1. Utilize a Content Driven Approach

The realm of online shopping has grown exponentially over the past years. Therefore, today, customers are more familiar with holiday shopping than ever. They see the same themes and holiday marketing tactics year after year. To stand out in this saturated industry, you must choose an evergreen strategy such as a content-driven approach.

That will help offer your potential customers a more personalized shopping experience, including holiday gifting guides. With optimized content, you will drive organic traffic to your eCommerce platform as you’ll pique the interest of your audience, and they’ll want to see your products as well.


2. Influencer Marketing Strategy

In a 2020 survey, Animoto found that a brand’s social media presence influences the purchase decision of about 75% of millennials. And that’s why influencer marketing is another holiday marketing strategy that has worked for many brands.

Influencer marketing creates a buzz around your brand as influencers post about holiday shopping events on their social media channels. You can partner with an influencer to showcase your products during the festivities. This will potentially capture a new audience for your brand, increase your brand awareness, and boost your ROI during the holiday season.


3. Create Urgency with a Credible Reason

 One thing about consumers, if they are confident something they need will likely sell out, they will make their purchasing decision promptly. Besides that, the holiday season comes with price discounts that consumers know they can only get once a year.

So, as you make your holiday marketing plan, present your consumers with the right incentives to visit your eCommerce platform and probably clear their cart. But while at it, focus on creating a solid relationship with your customers.

Haphazard giveaways and discounts might make customers devalue your brand. The holiday season is not just about making sales but also establishing long-lasting relationships with customers who might make repeat purchases.


4. Creative Holiday Packaging

Sensational holiday packaging has more unique and memorable elements and essential aspects of your brand. Remember that holiday packaging is not just there to enhance the appearance of your products but also to provide your customers with a valuable service. The whole point is to create an interaction your customers will remember long after the festive season.

Therefore, during the holiday season, you can use custom sticker labels to decorate the outer part of your holiday packaging or to seal the gift wraps. Stickers can easily be the focal point of your holiday packaging design, so you can use them to print vital details about your brand.

 With the MUNBYN thermal shipping label printer, it will be easier to fulfill your daily printing needs amid the holiday chaos. The printer comes with high-speed and high-definition shipping label printing, which is ideal for your holiday packaging. On top of that, the printer is compatible with ChromeOS, Windows, and Mac devices.


Use a thermal printer to print Valentine-related stickers on the gift package.


5. Run a Social Media Contest

Contests are effective ways to engage with your followers, tap into a new audience and create hype over upcoming events. Such events get consumers excited about forthcoming holiday shopping events and your brand. You can set up a contest to generate consumer interest in your products. Ask your followers to like, share and comment to garner even more engagement on the giveaway.


6. Offer Holiday Deals

Customers always look for holiday deals, so make sure you offer them. When running an eCommerce store, you compete with industry giants offering more product variety and fast and free shipping. Join in on the holiday spirit and give massive holiday deals.

That’s one of the easiest ways to make your shoppers happy and get them into the holiday buying mood. Give your customers discounts and free shipping for items. That works as a great way to boost your conversions and accumulate sales.


Give a 50 percent discount on holiday sales.


7. Consider Existing VIP customers

Your premium customers matter. This holiday season is an excellent time to treat them to exclusive deals and discounts before the holiday rush. That will make your VIP customers feel special. Also, incentivize your subscribers with email campaigns and exclusive deals.

That sense of exclusivity will attract your loyal customers to make their purchases ahead of the holiday season. On top of that, this strategy will help you to start making sales even before the holiday frenzy catches on. Therefore, you’ll have ample time to manage and fulfill incoming orders before all the holiday chaos.


8. Launch a Video Campaign

Video marketing is an incredible holiday marketing strategy. After all, there’s no better way to communicate your promotional message over the holiday season than on video. This channel allows you to market your products and sell your brand image.

And the numbers don’t lie; video marketing has proven to increase the average order value. According to Hubspot, at least 78% of consumers attest that watching a promotional video has influenced their purchasing decision. So, ensure your video campaigns have holiday-specific themes and messages that will capture people’s attention.


9. Partner with Non-profit Organizations


The holiday season is the ideal time to focus on sharing your brand’s mission and pouring your heart into causes you believe in. That could be giving back to the community, doing good deeds, touching the hearts of consumers, and feeling good about purchases. You can start by partnering with local organizations close to your consumer’s hearts, which will be a positive way to go through the holiday season.


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