Entrepreneur Story: LoveIndyUK

Entrepreneur Story: LoveIndyUK


"When I started shipping overseas, I would constantly run out of CN22 forms when I got numerous orders. That would slow down the packaging and posting process of my orders. Working with Munbyn has been a game changer. With a Munbyn Thermal Printer, I can now efficiently print all my CN22 forms and thank you notes for my packaging."

--Natasha Emmerson, founder of LoveIndyUK

Get to Know Me!

My name is Natasha Emmerson. I'm a mum of two and a fully self-employed business owner. Sometimes I work from my dining room or studio space in the midlands UK. I love crocheting and producing super cute patterns, which I sell on my Etsy shop. My taste in music and movies is what most people consider terrible. But, oh well. I just can't help it!.I love LOVE everything 90s and the early 00's.


My Love Indy Journey- How it all started!

Love Indy is a small business I run from my home in the midlands UK. I sell crotchet products and patterns, most of which are inspired by the Y2K aesthetic and my general love for everything 90s and 00s.

My journey with hook and wool started when I had my eldest daughter. Since I was pregnant with her, I knew I wanted to make her a cute little blankie. So, I picked up my knitting needle and, like an old flame, rekindled my interest in knitting and crocheting again.

A couple of years later, I started posting my crotchet designs on my Instagram. I noticed that people got really interested in my artwork. I would get requests from family and friends to make certain crocheted items. So, I thought, why not make extra cash from this skill? And just like that, I started to monetize my crocheting and knitting skills.

Later in 2021, I unintentionally rebranded my entire shop, products, and social media. I started producing items inspired by my love of Y2K and the early 00's, just that whole era and the music. I was really passionate about my designs, and I guess everyone could see how much I enjoyed the artwork I was creating. Instead of pushing sales, I focused on creating beautiful crotchet designs and enjoying the process.

For the first time, I felt really passionate about my craft. It was no longer about how much I made but about the beauty and uniqueness of the items I created. Although before 2021, I still loved crotcheting, my obsession with making huge revenue made me feel stuck. I knew I wanted to go big with my crotcheting skills but didn't know what my next move would be.


Challenges I Have Encountered and Lessons Learnt

One of the biggest challenges I have encountered in my crotcheting journey is comparing myself to others. Especially when you are sharing your artwork through Instagram, it is easy to start comparing your work to others.

I had to overcome self-doubt and push through no matter how many times that little voice in my head whispered to me that I wasn't good enough. While Instagram is a beautiful place to discover and connect with like-minded people, it's easy to look at other thriving businesses and start doubting your capabilities.

My journey hasn't been the easiest, but I have picked a couple of lessons along the way. When people ask me my secret to growing a successful business, I tell them; just to get started! Find a way to create an item or two from which you can establish passive income. For me, something that started as my simple love for creating and producing crotchet artwork grew into a successful business. It still blows my mind how far my business has come.

Another challenge I have encountered is that a good percentage of my Instagram followers already know how to crotchet. That means they are less likely to be interested in purchasing any of my crotchet artwork. However, sometimes when some of my new patterns pique their interest, it opens me up to a clientele I didn't know was there. To a great extent, though, Instagram has opened up my business to a broader clientele.



A Solution to Navigate the Complexities of Packaging & Shipping

I discovered Munbyn one day when I was scrolling through Instagram. At the time, I was struggling a lot with my international orders, and I knew I needed a solution to my packaging and shipping issues. I was tired of the delays, so I needed a reliable supply of CN22 forms and thank-you stickers.

When I discovered Munbyn, I was immediately drawn to their beautiful Thermal Label Printers. And when I saw that these printers would meet my daily printing needs, I was sold. When I started shipping overseas, it meant I needed to fill out CN22 forms for every order sent out.

Unfortunately, when businesses started booming, and orders came back-to-back, I constantly ran out of the CN22 forms. Eventually, this started slowing down my orders' packaging and posting process. But since I discovered Munbyn Thermal Printers, I can now efficiently print all my CN22 forms and thank you stickers.

Being able to type out all the information needed and print out my CN22 forms hassle-free has been a game changer for my business. All thanks to Munbyn, I have now found a reliable solution to navigate the complexities of packaging and shipping.



Inspiration for Other Small Business Owners

Running a successful small business can sometimes be trying. It requires you to evolve with the times and adapt however possible. Find something you love and identify what has been limiting you and holding you back. You cannot achieve your goals if you're afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone and opening yourself up to new opportunities.

If you're so scared of taking a risk and failing, keep in mind that the same way it's easy to love something as a hobby and take it to the next level as a small business and profit from it is the same way you can fall out of love with what you are making and it stops being fun. So, you might as well take the risk. You must be bold enough to risk failure and lean into uncertainty to succeed.

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