3 girly office design ideas for Etsy sellers

3 girly office design ideas for Etsy sellers

  Etsy, as an e-commerce website compared to Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc., is very different. It is more of a trading platform for selling art, and the nature of the seller is different from Amazon seller, which is proficient in sales. The seller's exquisite handicrafts, vintage fashion products, design works, antiques, etc., these products all show that this website is a group of young artists who love life and have many ideas of their own. These people are usually individual sellers with a relatively free system, and I believe that working from home will be a good choice for free people, and it is also the status quo of many sellers.

  Female sellers are usually more willing to pay attention to a home office, willing to add color to their office, bright and clean colors not only make people happy, but also inspiring, reduce their work pressure, and make office efficiency become higher. After all, having a well-designed office area allows women to self-encourage themselves to become girl bosses, not just women who are struggling to make a living. Today, let us see a channel dedicated to female sellers, several design concepts of girly office.


  First of all, clean and bright colors should be linked to white. Then we start to decide that the household products we bought were probably a large area of white or matched with other light colors. In addition, equip your office area with golden accessories, which will immediately increase the elegance of a female office in your office area. In addition, it is matched with a small area of macaron color. I believe that light pink and light green will be A better choice. Generally speaking, this color system will make your entire office area full of vitality and a girly atmosphere.

Desk and office chair

  This is the most basic and important device. A white desktop will be a normal and error-free color. You can also choose a retro style with carvings to be more refined. There is also a gold-rimmed package that is also very feminine. Regarding the office chair, you'd better choose a soft chair, and in order to match the color system, it can be a light pink interior chair, which looks very comfortable like the picture below. Putting some wooden file storage boxes on the desk, as well as white small items storage racks will be perfect.

pinky office design

Pic from DigDigs


 About decoration

  You need to put flowers in your office. This time, your whole area is immediately different. The romance and fragrance of the flowers make you feel happy and relax your body. If possible, the golden-edged shelf can not only be used as storage, but also as a decoration, putting on a photo frame of you and your family, green plants will be very warm. In addition, the comfortable carpet also reduces the pressure on your office. You can choose plush or simple art style. Also, consider buying artistic decorations on the wall you are working on. You can also hang a small pegboard on the wall to paste things you can't forget, or hang the packing tools you need to use on it.


About equipment

  In addition to personal computers for processing orders, individual sellers should also consider being equipped with office packaging equipment, such as a shipping label printer and postal scale, as well as decorative packaging stickers. In such an exquisite and glam office, even packaging equipment wants to have a more extraordinary and cute color system to match? The pink printer and pink postal scale design exclusively designed by Munbyn for entrepreneurial women will add more options to your small business. Compared with Dymo and rollo are relatively bulky and single devices, these are unique customization for girls. Immediately light up your office area with the bright and romantic atmosphere of your entire office.

MUNBYN pink thermal printer kit


   Do you think that Munbyn pink printers only have a good-looking appearance? Not only that, it’s small, light, and easy to carry. In addition, the one-minute installation will surprise you. The printing speed of 150mm/s is equipped with 203DPI printing pixels. The price of Munbyn printer can be equipped with the same printing speed as zebra, brother, and rollo, and it can compete with them in print quality, only slightly worse than Dymo, can fully meet the vast majority of printing needs. Equipped with postal scale, label paper, shipping labelsthermal stickers, etc. to assist your entrepreneurial journey.


  I believe that you are working for your higher quality of life, so your work should be able to bring fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment. I hope you like this office design concept and believe that Munbyn is always there, creating more choice for your growing business.

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