Enhance the way you organize and decorate with our lovely pink multi-pattern 6-in-1 thermal sticker labels. Experience the convenience, style, and versatility they offer in various aspects of your life.

Say goodbye to the hassle of ink, toner, or ribbons, as these stickers provide a captivating visual experience without the need for any additional supplies. With their strong adhesion and easy removal, our pink multi-pattern thermal stickers ensure a secure attachment to your items without causing any damage. You can confidently apply and remove them, preserving the integrity of your products.

Compatible with a wide range of thermal printers, including popular models like Munbyn, Phomemo, Rollo, Jadens, Nelko, and more (please note that they are not suitable for Dymo and Brother printers). Our pink thermal labels offer versatility and convenience.

We prioritize safety, which is why our stickers are free from harmful carcinogens such as BPA and BPS. You can confidently use them without any health concerns.


Unleash your brand's potential with our pink stickers that make it stand out. They are perfect for various applications, including gifts, greeting cards, bags, wedding favors, bath products, wine bottles, and more. Plus, their exceptional waterproof quality and durability guarantee a long-lasting impression.

These 2x2 round thermal labels are widely embraced by small businesses. They are ideal for creating personalized thank-you stickers, candle labels, canning labels, and more, allowing you to showcase your unique brand identity. Not limited to business use, our pink thermal labels find great utility in everyday life. Use them to effortlessly organize your home, office, labs, and more. Whether it's reminders, categorization, or other informational purposes, these labels will enhance your life and work efficiency.


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