Custom Packaging For Small Businesses: Tips&Ideas

Custom Packaging For Small Businesses: Tips&Ideas

The way that you decide to handle the process of packaging your products for your E-commerce business is crucial for success. It is essential to consider certain factors that will help you obtain the best solutions to achieve optimal branding engagement and boost your sales.

This post is going to give you the most relevant advice on how to customize packaging for your business. This can be achieved by choosing the materials inside and outside the box carefully.


This article will cover:

3.1 Shipping packages
3.2 Outside and inside the package
3.3 Items to include with the product
4. Some extra tips


1. What is custom packaging and why is it important?

Any type of packaging that is designed to be a perfect fit for your product is considered a custom package. It is very important to consider that this is going to help you upgrade your shipping quality and it will make your products safer with a more professional presentation. 

There will be a process that requires that you consider several variables in terms of the content and the space available. The product should fit properly, but there should be room for some protective bubble wrap or foam. This is particularly important when you are dealing with any type of fragile product.

You also need to consider that there is endless potential in terms of how you decide to build your brand. The custom packaging option gives you the freedom to create your product label and any type of additional text or graphics.


2. What are the benefits of using custom packaging?

Several things will greatly benefit your business once you decide to use custom packaging. The following are some of the most relevant benefits that you will find very appealing when you are considering the use of custom packaging for your products.


  • An overall better customer experience

This is going to be the most relevant and important aspect of this decision. When you decide to create a custom and highly attractive package, this is going to increase customer loyalty and engagement. They will feel special given your willingness to go the extra mile to create something optimal for the products you sell.


  • Increased value of your brand

Your brand is the most relevant aspect of your business in many ways and the creation of a custom package for your products is very helpful to increase your brand power. This is the kind of advantage that helps create a stronger emotional connection between the customer and the brand.


  • You will provide better protection for the product

When customers purchase your products, they expect to get them in perfect condition when they are shipped. This is a great way to protect your investment and avoid having to send a replacement due to packaging issues that lead to damage. 


3. Choosing package materials


Shipping packages

If you are looking to get the optimal branding effort and you want to ensure even higher engagement, you can choose to create a very attractive design for the external part of the box.

Bubble mailers are commonly used for shipping small and thin items such as jewelry, sticker, and books. They come in different sizes and cost less shipping fee.

Corrugated boxes are very affordable and recyclable. But they may be disformed under pressure when shipping.

Some people also consider custom printed boxes, which makes the brand image stand out from other packages. It costs a bit more, and it usually comes in bulk orders.


Outside and inside the package

Shipping details always go outside the box, so you need to make room for shipping labels. It's recommended to use Fragile or Do Not Bend labels if you are shipping fragile products that need extra protection.Thermal sticker labels are ideal for this use because they can print out thermal labels in miliseconds.



When you decide to get started with this process, you will find that the packaging materials inside the box will be essential. Honeycomb paper and shredder paper are both great options that can help provide that extra padding to keep the product safe and firm inside the box.




Items to include with the product

If you want your brand to shine and provide a memorable experience, you want to give the customer a great experience when they open the product package. Include a warmly greeting card and WOW your customers.

Be sure to design a sticker logo, this is your identity that makes customers to remember you. Also, include a card with your social media pages and website address, and perhaps it could include a short brand story. Anything that helps the brand be noticed is always a welcome idea.



It would also be a great idea to include a thank you card. This can be a few words or lines of text expressing your gratitude. Some people might find it to be a great idea to write this with their own hands, but when it comes to bulk orders, you should be considering the use of a thermal printer. You can purchase one for your home and this is going to make the process of printing much easier without any third parties involved.

Last, but not least, you could consider some kind of freebie for the customers. It could be anything like a discount card or even something small such as a keychain with your brand. That is always nice extra touch that will get the customer even closer to the brand.


Some extra tips

1. If you have a packaging budget that is a bit tight, you can consider the use of a thermal label printer to cut back on label print expenses.

2. Always make sure that you choose eco-friendly materials and this is going to guarantee that you always appeal to environmentally friendly audiences.

3. Do your best to keep the packaging as small and light as possible to cut back on shipping expenses.

4. Emphasize the padding inside the package to ensure that your product is not going to be damaged.

Final thoughts

There are many ways for a business to stand out from the competition, but the main way to achieve this is to ensure that your brand goes above and beyond expectations. The best way to make that happen is to strengthen your brand power and the customized packaging strategy is a great way to contribute to that goal. 


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