What should you purchase for your Etsy packaging

What should you purchase for your Etsy packaging

  Maybe you have already started or are considering starting your small business on Etsy. Your phased work will consist of many components. The previous article mentioned that the basic work you need to do for your shop is to set up your domain name, payment method, original site settings, and some equipment that needs to be purchased. The equipment is ready for your products to be put on the shelf, such as printers, laptops, filming equipment, and packaging equipment. Packing equipment may not be the first problem you think of, but it must be a piece of the necessary equipment that can save you a lot of maintenance time and cost. When you get your first sale, you can also do careful and exquisite work in the first-sighted packaging image received by the customer, and get the customer's appreciation from it. Today you may be able to get a direction for packaging equipment from this systematic article.


  The first thing you need to consider when carrying out packaging work is your packaging materials. Perhaps you will see good-looking packaging on social media and when you also want to have it, the reality is that you need to consider whether you can afford the budget at the beginning of your career.  Good packaging will bring you good reviews, but don’t spend most of your budget on it. Start with simple materials. You will have better packaging when your business gets better and better.

labels on the packages


Selection of packaging materials

  If you are selling small items, you have several choices: Resealable Mylar Storage Bags, Drawstring Organza Bags, and Bubble Mailers. The resealable bag is a very suitable choice for foods that cannot be damp, snacks, or spices. People can extract a small amount of material from it and seal it for the next use. Drawstring Organza Bags are a more beautiful package for jewelry or small gifts, and the price of these bags is also cheap. Bubble Mailers has a wide range of use, and this package also has a drop-proof function. If you still want to strengthen your packaging, you can also consider buying Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll, which is a protective umbrella for any fragile product. In addition, If your product has a certain volume, you can consider buying a different box to hold it. Generally speaking, a 9x6x2″ shipping box is a common choice. In addition, for clothes or bedding, a transparent plastic bag will be a suitable packaging, because After these bags are sealed, there is no way for your goods to be opened and stolen without leaving traces.


Purchase of auxiliary equipment

  After you put the goods in the packaging bag or box, the next step is for you to customize your own packaging. More packaging ideas on Pinterest will make you excited, let us see what else you need to buy to complete these.

  • Packing Tape
  • Freebies
  • Shredded paper in gift box packaging
  • Digital Shipping Scale
  • Shipping label printer& labels

  It is necessary to have freebies and the decorations that should be in the gift box, especially when the customers you are facing are mostly women. Good packaging will make them have a better impression of your products. In addition, if you consider having a shipping station at home, you will know that a label printer for shipping, different sizes of label paper, and a Shipping Scale are indispensable basic equipment.


  The Munbyn 4×6 label printer is designed for e-commerce. It is a printing device that specially cares for your shipping label scales. While you save ink costs, it will also save you money and time to buy shipping labels at the post office. When you use a bad laser printer, cut your labels one by one, and need to maintain and repair the printer from time to time, please give up as soon as possible. In addition, the label printer can also help to make freebies, customizing the colorful sticker patterns and printing them out to make your freebie stickers. Packaging stickers such as DO NOT BEND and thank you stickers are all possible options for your customized packaging.

print circle stickers using MUNBYN pink thermal label printer


Good packaging requires a lot of thinking, and unique packaging by yourself requires hard work. When your customer receives your first package, I hope that your packaging will enable her to get good products and packaging, double satisfaction.

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